Is Television Really Television

Is television really television or has it become a marketing tool for companies? Television (TV) is an entertainment box and it is built to amuse viewers. It is also used as one of the largest form of advertisement for companies. This helps the companies connect with their consumers at a very large scale. Television gives viewers/ consumers entertainment, while companies utilize the TV as a source to make money by purchasing commercial segments to showoff their logos and products that they are trying to sale. Now, has TV become a form of advertisement or is it still used for entertainment? One may beg to differ that TV is for entertainment while as someone else may see it as a tool for marketing advertisements. TV has truly become an advertising frenzy.

Television has been around since the 1920’s with its initial purpose of providing information and sharing knowledge across America about what is going on in the world. As television has evolved, it has become a source of entertainment for the people with news being the main anchor of entertainment. They too use their logos as an advertising tool to promote their channel. Television has been the main medium for molding the public with sitcoms and news. During this time, TV advertisement began with cars. Currently, TV stations have hundreds of commercials that promote cars, food, medicine, and websites making TV the main stream for advertisement. However, cars remain the biggest advertising source. Throughout the 70’s and into the early 90’s cars were marketed heavy on television. Through the cars advertisement logos have become more recognizable to public like Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and GMC. These car brands are the largest within American culture.

As time has progressed sport games, awards shows, reality TV and fashion has become more popular events for companies to advertise their brand on television. Sporting events, in particular the Superbowl, have change the way people view commercial advertising do to the high volume of viewers. People watch the game just for the commercials. There is no other sporting event known for the commercials like the Superbowl. Why it is that advertisement has become so popular with this event?

TV should have less commercials and more sitcom time. While watching a 30 minute sitcom, there are at least 10 minutes of commercials making the sitcom 20 minutes long. Maybe with technology increasing, advertisement on TV will shrink and there will be more airtime for sitcoms. That would be nice because you can have more time to watch shows rather than commercials persuading people that they need whatever it is that they are advertising. TV would be more enjoyable if it included fewer commercials.


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