Why do athletes get paid millions and teacher make less than $100,000 per year? This is a question that has pondered my mind. I know that playing a sport is extreme. It requires a lot of training for the athlete. Also, sport is entertainment for the people. However, educators educate the children of the world and they get paid pennies. Without the teachers how and where would the kids gain knowledge? Teachers report to work daily while athletes only work during their season.
I believe that teachers should get paid much more than they do. Teachers provide children with knowledge, teach them responsibility, and also improve the communities by doing this. Not to add. Therefore, one must know that their sacrifice and community work is worth more than just the pennies they receive.
Sports has become a immense business and billions of dollars are made from ticket sales and the apparel being sold. Why can’t some of this money be utilized in the community? Especially, the teams that tend to do well. I know some team generates more profit, which gives them the option to sign players larger contracts. So why can’t they give this money to our community. The children are the future and we are lagging behind in education in comparison to all the other countries around the world, yet we are supposedly number 1 in everything else.
Maybe if we can turn education into an entertainment business, we can generate more money. Wouldn’t you think that the knowledge children gain in the school system is worth millions? Personally you cannot put a price tag on this because it is priceless. No money can pay for what children learn. Therefore, teachers’ salaries should be raised. There should not be any more budget cuts for education only an increase. This is just pure stupidity to cut down on education because it is what is needed. We should never hear of a budget cut in this area. Things like this just infuriate me and I’m just saying!


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