What makes the new corvette seats so much better than the old one

What makes the new corvette seats so much better than the old one ?

When they introduced the new Corvette stingray, Chevrolet engineers crowned the C7 seats thrones because it came from the same supplier used by Porsche. The manufacturer, Lear, has produced the Corvette’s C6’s soft, floppy seats prior to this. In my personal opinion, there is no comparison of the previous stingray to the current. The new seats are just better, more comfortable, can adjust 8 ways and the gel pad of the cushion is amazing. Let’s not mention the heating element that has been added. At the push of a button, the seat contours to the occupant’s back. They have made the seats feel just like the cushion on your old sofa. I been researching and test driving these cars for years and I find that they take great pride in making every part. In my opinion, the only thing that is not good about the new seats in the corvette is that the new corvette seats are 62 lbs. and the old ones are 52 lbs. So it just adds a little bit more weight to the car. But when you compare all the luxuries of the new seat to the old, this is minor. The corvette in my opinion is one of the best car ever made, hands down and I love the new seats.


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