China haunted by history

Chinese police rounded up some information on leaders of the civic group. Zhang kun said he would be proud to join them in jail. With that being said, he soon got his wish. In March he was released after two months in detention during which he say he endured lengthy interrogations by police and physical mistreatment by other detainees. Once he got out of jail, he posted notes on a messaging apps telling people about his experience in jail with him stepping back from his activism. A quarter century after the Chinese sent the military to crush student protesters in beijing’s Tiananmen square, Mr. Zhang’s short career on the front line of activism shows how the events of 1989 inform the Chinese authorities iron-fisted the protester. Chinese military on June 3 and 4 that killed hundreds of people and unaccounted for number of people too, left China discreetly isolated, and setting economic reforms. This also convinced Chinese leaders of a lesson: Threats o communists party rule must never be allowed to spiral into repeat of the 1989.


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