The stereotype on Los Angeles athlete

Los Angeles has build a stereotype on the locate athlete that every sport athlete from Los Angeles is a gangbanger. Not only this is a serious issue for our youth and they future as student athlete they are being put into a category to single them out as gang member. This lead to my issue on how DeSean Jackson is being put on the spot, with the media saying that he is a gangbanger. DeSean Jackson is a American football pro athlete played for the eagles and currently was release from the team do to them saying that is a gang member. DeSean Jackson graduated from U.C. Berkeley where he played his college football. And with Desean Jackson being from L.A. they just label are kids. My nephew Brandon Wimberly just finish school at the University of Nevada played football for them for five years breaking several records and had a outstanding senior year. Had a pro day ran his 40 yards and completed his entire event to be elected in the drafts and at the end of the day his coach pull him to the side and said you have to talk to the media because they placing you under the gang member category. So he had to get on espn and spoke intelligently to the news praying that the stereotype of our Los Angeles kids don’t affect him and his draft chances, so why do we got to be label when are kids accomplishing everything that they needed to do


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