Time, work, home and less stress

Picture a busy day at work, the phone is ringing off the hook, emails are piling up, co-workers are interrupting with questions about how knows what and your boss is making last minutes request. That might just sound like a picnic compared with a day at home filling with chores, errands, meals, and children running around. Even with a happy family life, home sometimes can feel more taxing than work itself. Some of your time can be spend talking to some people about they problems. You can listen and be supportive without making their stress your stress. You can focus on your work close the door put on headphones. Not many people will interrupt you that take away some stress, and when you do something good and your efforts is appreciated. Your work team or sports team notices when you do what’s expected and definitely notices when you don’t, that’s stress. When you get paid that’s less stress, you can take a psychological break a quick walk around the block to get coffee is good for less stress, you get better at what you are doing on your job or etc.. And you are single out for praise that’s less stress, and when you are treated with respect. When most people are working to just the minimal standards and you work to a high level of confidence that’s less stress for you manage your time, work and home and relieve stress.


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