Life is a journey

As I woke up in the morning to see my beautiful kid, two nephews and wife I learning that every day is a journey thought life to work for what you need and provide food and money for my family it’s a hustle, my wife gets up every day to do same working hard to providing now that’s something that run deep in my in my household. My kid’s gets up five days a week go to school and practice the sport the he loves to play and that’s football, college life is his dream to attend a four year school what more could you ask for. Getting dress and ready for my day make sure house is in place before I leave I do it for the love of my family can anybody relate. Life is a journey. Taking out the trash, washing clothes everyday and the sink is full of dishes trying to get the kids to clean up become a mission, life is a journey. With gas prices going up, food and water & power and lights are so high you have no choice but to work hard. Life is a journey


China haunted by history

Chinese police rounded up some information on leaders of the civic group. Zhang kun said he would be proud to join them in jail. With that being said, he soon got his wish. In March he was released after two months in detention during which he say he endured lengthy interrogations by police and physical mistreatment by other detainees. Once he got out of jail, he posted notes on a messaging apps telling people about his experience in jail with him stepping back from his activism. A quarter century after the Chinese sent the military to crush student protesters in beijing’s Tiananmen square, Mr. Zhang’s short career on the front line of activism shows how the events of 1989 inform the Chinese authorities iron-fisted the protester. Chinese military on June 3 and 4 that killed hundreds of people and unaccounted for number of people too, left China discreetly isolated, and setting economic reforms. This also convinced Chinese leaders of a lesson: Threats o communists party rule must never be allowed to spiral into repeat of the 1989.

A young man’s disapointment

In Connecticut a young girl was killed mad ex after she refuses to go to the junior prom with him. Maren Sanchez was 16 years old and attended Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn. The young girl was in a relationship with young man by the name of Chris Plaskon who also attends Law High School. Around 715 am in morning violence erupted after Chris plaskon , also 16 pushed his girlfriend down the stairs and tried to choke her inside the high school hall way, the young boy pull a kitchen knife he got from home stabbed his girlfriend in the neck multiple time. Now how do you stop teen violence?

Time, work, home and less stress

Picture a busy day at work, the phone is ringing off the hook, emails are piling up, co-workers are interrupting with questions about how knows what and your boss is making last minutes request. That might just sound like a picnic compared with a day at home filling with chores, errands, meals, and children running around. Even with a happy family life, home sometimes can feel more taxing than work itself. Some of your time can be spend talking to some people about they problems. You can listen and be supportive without making their stress your stress. You can focus on your work close the door put on headphones. Not many people will interrupt you that take away some stress, and when you do something good and your efforts is appreciated. Your work team or sports team notices when you do what’s expected and definitely notices when you don’t, that’s stress. When you get paid that’s less stress, you can take a psychological break a quick walk around the block to get coffee is good for less stress, you get better at what you are doing on your job or etc.. And you are single out for praise that’s less stress, and when you are treated with respect. When most people are working to just the minimal standards and you work to a high level of confidence that’s less stress for you manage your time, work and home and relieve stress.

Supreme court on chemical weapons treaty

The Supreme Court on Monday collectively rejected the justice department effort to expand the Chemical Weapons Convention’s reach into garden variety domestic crimes, throwing out the federal conviction of Pennsylvania woman who used a chemical irritant to get back at a romantic rival. After this the Chemical Weapons Convention, implemented through a 1998 law, deals with the crimes of deadly seriousness, Chief justice Roberts wrote for the court, rejecting its use to prosecute a minor assault. The ruling maintained the government’s ability to use the treaty when going after major crimes, including acts of terrorism. Prosecutors have invoked the treaty in domestic cases involving a plot to attack a federal courthouse and the detonation of a homemade chlorine bomb among others. The federal government unquestionably has a substantial interest in enforcing criminal laws against assassination, terrorism, Justice Roberts said nothing we said here will disrupt the government’s authority to prosecute such offenses. Federal authorities had used the statue to prosecute Carol Ann bond, a microbiologist from Lansdale, PA, who had sought revenge after discovering her best friend Myrlinda Haynes, had become pregnant my Ms. Bond’s husband, with Ms. Bond be very upset Ms Bond put irritating chemicals on Ms. Hayne’s car door, mailbox and doorknob, hoping to cause an uncomfortable rash to Ms. Haynes. With uses of this chemical the young lady receives six years in prison and strenghting the state law of crime with the uses of chemicals

The stereotype on Los Angeles athlete

Los Angeles has build a stereotype on the locate athlete that every sport athlete from Los Angeles is a gangbanger. Not only this is a serious issue for our youth and they future as student athlete they are being put into a category to single them out as gang member. This lead to my issue on how DeSean Jackson is being put on the spot, with the media saying that he is a gangbanger. DeSean Jackson is a American football pro athlete played for the eagles and currently was release from the team do to them saying that is a gang member. DeSean Jackson graduated from U.C. Berkeley where he played his college football. And with Desean Jackson being from L.A. they just label are kids. My nephew Brandon Wimberly just finish school at the University of Nevada played football for them for five years breaking several records and had a outstanding senior year. Had a pro day ran his 40 yards and completed his entire event to be elected in the drafts and at the end of the day his coach pull him to the side and said you have to talk to the media because they placing you under the gang member category. So he had to get on espn and spoke intelligently to the news praying that the stereotype of our Los Angeles kids don’t affect him and his draft chances, so why do we got to be label when are kids accomplishing everything that they needed to do

Does Aldon Need a Mental Health Evaluation?

Does Aldon Need a Mental Health Evaluation?

Aldon Smith, a professional football player for the San Francisco 49ers, was recently arrested on falsely yelling bomb threat in the Los Angeles International Airport a few weeks ago. Aldon is a 6’4”, 265 lbs. , outside linebacker. He was born September, 25 1989 making him 24 years old when he was drafted in 2011. He was in the first round and the seventh pick in the draft from the University of Missouri. Aldon became an All-Pro Pro Bowler, winning the NFC Championship. He was the PFWA defensive rookie of the year. He lead the 49ers rookie record in sacks. He is the first player in NFL history to record 30 sacks in the first 7 game of a season. He has been involved in varies charity programs helping kids with sports and education. On January 28, 2012, Aldon was arrested for a DUI in Miami Beach, Florida. On June 30 2012, Smith suffered a stab wound trying to break up a fight. On December 13, 2012, Smith would be making charitable donation for each sack he got of $5099 dollars to the Boys and Girls club. On September Aldon was in vehicle accident in San Jose , CA and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. On October 9, 2013 Smith was charge with three felony counts of possession of an assault weapon. An now on April 13, 2014, he has been detained and arrested in Lax Airport which Smith was alleged to mention a bomb to TSA officer. I think Aldon may have his issues but he is not a bad guy. With all his friend and family on his side, they have stated how wonderful he is , how he has led many and how he gives wholeheartedly back to his community. This is just a time in his life where he is experiencing difficulties. We all have these moments. Who are we to judge him? As a society, we need to learn to come together and support people in a time like this instead of criticize them. I am just saying no one is perfect and if there is someone here that is please stand now!